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AcneCare Beautiful Skin Special Bundle (2+1)

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Acne Care Before and AfterThis special value bundle includes two (2) AcneCare ClearTech® Treatments and one (1) AcneCare Clean Screen Lotion.

Exceptional Value--Purchase two treatments at regular price and receive one Acne Clean Screen Protective Lotion absolutely FREE (a $19.95 value!)

AcneCare ClearTech® Treatment
AcneCare ClearTech® Treatment is a fast-acting, highly effective lotion that helps heal acne blemishes and prevents further break outs. This exclusive, patent pending formula combines 5% specially formulated, micronized Benzoyl Peroxide with other potent key ingredients to provide rapid relief and quickly reduce the redness and inflammation of mild, moderate and severe acne.

Combined with the perfect complement to the AcneCare ClearTech®

AcneCare Clean Screen Protective Lotion (Sunscreen)

A powerful, yet gentle lotion that combines the HIGHEST—FOUR STAR UVA sunscreen power available with HIGH 35 SPF--UVB protection.  Potent anti-oxidants – Canadian Willowherb and Vitamins B, C, E & K – help prevent skin damage and reduce UV-induced redness. This photo-stable formulation delivers consistent protection and won’t degrade like most conventional sunscreens.


I have been using AcneCare for over a year. Even though I am active in sports, it still keeps my skin clear. I would recommend it to other people that need a good acne product.

I have suffered with adult acne since my early 20s. I have tried every over the counter product, visited countless dermatologists and tried just about every prescription oral and topical acne product as well as even tried products from an infomercial. But nothing has worked as well for me as AcneCare from SkinHealth, I now have consistently acne free skin. SkinHealth is my acne solution!

My mom bought me Acne care and I can tell when I stop using it, because I will start to break out. I would definitely recommend this product!

I had quite a few pimples mainly on my forehead. After three days they were clearing up and my skin was in better condition. Seven days later it was all clear.

I have used this for about a week and I still have some pimples, but it is definitely better. My skin is softer and smoother.

My face and back were pretty broken out when I used this. I noticed my skin was smoother right away and by the end of the week it was mostly clear and a lot less red. I like that you don't have to join a club or buy a whole system. Just the one product with whatever soap I normally use will work.

I used this product on an acne-like rash on my arms. The skin felt smoother and was not as red the very next day. After five days it was all cleared up. I still use it to spot treat breakouts on my face and arms and it works great.