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BruiseCare X8 Treatment Balm

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A friend noticed several bad bruises on my arms caused when my new dog jumped up to greet me when I come home. I explained the bruises were a result of thinning skin caused by the Kenilog injections I was taking for eczema. She handed me 2 jars of BruiseCare X8 as a promotion and I just want to let you know that I've been using it for a year and it WORKS!!! Instead of big ugly bruises on my arms for weeks at a time, the bruises begin to fade right away and are gone in a few days. I just visited your website today and noticed you have skin cream as well...I can't wait to try it for my eczema. The injections only work for 30 days and while the rash clears up my skin is like tissue paper. If your skin care works as well as the bruise care I will be a customer for life.

I recently had a silly accident that would normally cause ugly bruises to form. I was dreading the embarrassment of explaining my bruises to everyone who saw them when I remembered that I had a jar of BruiseCare X8 at home. I applied it to the area where I knew the bruises were likely to form right away and several times over the next day. A very light bruise did appear, but nothing like I expected. It works!

I'm 73 years old and play racquetball three times a week with a co-worker who is 10 years younger than I am. Needless to say, I can be the brunt of some pretty good bruising during our games. My daughter gave me your BruiseCare product to try and it has really worked well to speed the healing process and reduce the pain of the bruises. Staying active is a key ingredient in staying healthy, so I plan on staying active as long as I can.

I am so very pleased with this product.
I was put on blood thinners and since that time have had several brusing problems, especially on my arms. This product does what it says it will do ,HEALS, not just covers up the problem. I also use the skin
conditioner which has been a tremendous help also. Between the two I have not be so satisfied with any other product in a very long time
I would recommend it to anyone with a brusing problem.

After my wife's stroke, her doctor prescribed blood thinners. Every little bump began to cause ugly bruises that lasted for weeks. She even gets bruises doing the laundry. I bought BruiseCare X8 Balm for her to try, and what a difference. The stubborn bruises she had when she started using the product quickly cleared up. Now her skin does not bruise as readily and they clear up in half the time. I highly recommend this product.

I get bruising on my arms from my medication. BruiseCare X8 Treatment Balm has helped so much that it is almost completely gone. I bruise less easily and they don't last as long. This product is terrific.

I have extensive bruising due to health issues. The BruiseCare X8 balm is the only thing that has helped heal the bruises faster and condition my skin against future bruising.

I used the bruise care cream and it worked great! I had a large bruise on the top of my hand and BruiseCareX worked in half the time as compared to the vitamin K cream that I used last time I treated a bruise.

A few years ago I started bruising easily and nothing seemed to help until I tried BruiseCare. Now I use the balm when the bruise first appears and the results are amazing. The bruises go away much faster than before. Then I use the conditioner regularly to keep my skin in good shape.

I have bruised easily and badly all my life, a trait several of my maternal relatives, one daughter and my youngest granddaughter share. The little one was diagnosed with von Willebrand's Disease 3 or 4 years ago. I bought the Skin Balm last year after seeing an article about it in the Daytona Beach News-Journal. It clears up bruises, even bad ones, within a week to ten days that would have lasted up to 3 weeks and sometimes much longer. It doesn't do anything for varicose veins but that my skin is realitively bruise free for the first time in my life is almost a miracle. Thank you.