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BruiseCare X8 Treatment Balm

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Just wanted to comment on your treatment balm and skin conditioner. My forearms (including the back of my hands) have been bruising badly for several years now. All I had to do was scrape my arm lightly against something and I would wind up with a really ugly bruise. I read about your products in the Daytona News-Journal and decided to try them. I am very pleased. I use the balm on a bruise and it is pretty much gone in a week or less whereas before it took several weeks to go away. I use the conditioner twice a day and I am convinced that it keeps me from brusing so easily. As I said, I am expremely pleased with the products and will certainly continue to use them.

I ordered both the X8 Balm and X4 Lotion after reading about them in the newspaper. I had some old bruises, and they did, in fact, disappear. Recently, I locked myself out of my house and had to break in. In doing so, I badly bruised the tops of both of my lower arms. As soon as I got into the house, I spread the balm on both arms. They already had huge bruises covering most of the arm from my elbow to wrist, and the full width of my arms.
At the end of 7 days, all but a couple of small blotches were gone. Two more days, and the bruises were completely gone. Amazing!

My skin hasn't looked this good in years! I waited the 7 days before I really started seeing results, but after that, wow.